Qigong Basics: the 3 treasures.

Learn the basic of proper posture, proper breathing, and meditation as it apply to Qigong exercises.

This course was filmed during a 2 day Qigong seminar. Here I explain the 3 basic concepts of Qigong and their integration:

- How to develop good posture. (Jing)

- How to develop full body breathing. (Qi)

- How to develop the state of meditation. (Shen)

And most importantly:

- How to include all 3 concepts into a single exercise.

Qigong is the art of uniting Body, Breath, and Mind into a single exercise.

This means that in order for an exercise to be considered Qigong, it must include the development of proper relax body posture (static or moving), the development of breathing (abdominal, thoracic, full body, etc) and the development of the meditation state (visualisation, observation, tranquility, keeping the mind on, etc)

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Fabrice Piché
Fabrice Piché

Journey with Fabrice Piché: From Montreal Meditator to Qigong Quirker!

Hello there! I’m Fabrice Piché. You might have mistaken me for a monk once or twice, but I'm just a guy with a passion for energy. No, not the caffeine kind. The Qi kind!

Montreal (1997): Picture this: A younger, slightly less wise Fabrice (that's me!) stumbles into the National Institute of Chinese Medicine. Why? François Caron, the legendary Qi master, promised he'd teach me his secrets. Three years and one title of "François' Assistant" later, I emerged as a Qigong wizard, a Massage Therapy ninja, and a Naturopathy nerd.

Palm Desert, California (2009): Under the blazing Californian sun, I trained with the masterful Dr. Bernard Shannon. Was it just an excuse to sunbathe? Maybe. But come September 2011, I graduated with a Master of Medical Qigong degree and a slightly tanned Qi.

The Lin Saga Begins: Next, the plot thickens! I meet the rockstar of the Qigong world - Professor Lin Housheng, creator of the world-famous Taiji Qigong Shibashi. It’s not a Saturday night fever, but an 18-movement flow. And guess what? Prof. Lin wasn’t just good at moving - he also made headlines for showing the world that Qi is as real as your grandma's cookies!

Private Lessons in L.A. (2011): Amidst the Hollywood glam, Prof. Lin and I had jam sessions at his L.A. residence. By "jam," I mean Qigong (what did you think?).

The Great Mission (2012): Prof. Lin knighted Francois Caron and yours truly as the Qi guardians for Canada and France. Our quest? To save the Taiji Qigong Shibashi from the misinterpretations of the West and to teach the mystical ways of Shaolin Qigong!

Canada's Got Talent (2012): With Francois, we kick-started Canada's first-ever Taiji Qigong Shibashi Teacher Training Program. Spoiler: It was a hit!

Shanghai Showdown (2013): On the grand stage of the 12th Shanghai International Symposium on Qigong Science, Prof. Lin, Francois, and I broke out our smoothest Taiji Qigong Shibashi moves for the world to see. Bet you wish you were there? No worries, here's the video link!

No More Jet Lag (Recently): After realizing my Qi energy could teleport (sort of), I started offering virtual training sessions. The same great Qi experience, but in pajamas.

So here I am, decades later, still on a quest to bring balance, energy, and maybe a few chuckles to the world of Qigong. Want to join?